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The concept behind my work is to draw a parallel between the need to conserve our dwindling earthly resources and the beautiful places

we risk losing if we don’t. My work is composed of dried paint, along 

with scrap paint that I have collected for the past 15 years. To most 

people, these materials would be considered waste and discarded. By arranging these pieces of paint into idyllic landscapes, I am inviting the viewer to not only appreciate the aesthetic value of the work, but also 

consider the importance of prolonging the lifespan of any given 

product in our increasingly disposable culture. 


My approach to portrait painting highlights the parallel between physical and emotional proximities among people and their connection to our understanding of one another. Each of us has a unique character built by the thousands of moments that have shaped us. By creating a portrait out of thousands of pieces of dried paint, I am suggesting that each piece of paint is representative of a moment in time or a story that shapes who we are. When put together and arranged just so, the pieces build an individual. At a distance the pieces are imperceptible; the viewer can only consider the face. It is only when the viewer takes the time to examine the piece closely that the intricacies become clear. Far too often we form opinions at face value and believe our own preconceptions. It is my intention to encourage the viewer to move beyond this tendency and become closer and more interconnected to others through learning these infinitely diverse stories.

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