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For the past 15 years, I have been using dried paint as my primary medium. I incorporate two different types of dried paint in my work. The first is what I call "pure" dried paint. I find and collect it from old pallets, paint tubes, buckets, really 

anywhere scrap paint can be found. 


The second type, I create. The purpose of this is to mimic the scrap paint, as well as produce all of the subtle colors and shades necessary. I mix the required color before painting it onto large sheets of glass. Once dry, it is scraped off, sorted, and set aside until needed. 


I have found that having a large supply of prepared material, prevents the creative process from multiple interruptions. 

Once a sufficient amount has been collected, I apply these pieces of paint directly to the canvas. This unconventional technique delivers a unique diversity of depth and texture that I have only been able to achieve with dried paint. 

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